Morning Mercy Moments

I love getting up early in the morning while the rest of the house is sleeping and spending time on my porch reading God's Word, meditating and journaling. It has become more than just a routine, but somewhat like breathing...a part of my day that is as crucial to my survival as the very breath I take.

My days can be pretty chaotic with three sons and a husband at home that are not shy about letting the world know they are a part of it. I love them and I would not trade them for the world. Sometimes I look at them and think how in the world did God choose to bless me like He did? I have the best family-ever, three grown and living their lives on their own in this big, unpredictable world, and three still at home wishing their youth away as we all did when we were their ages. They are wonderful-and they are loud, ever so very loud. They feel every emotion and want everyone around them to feel the emotions they are experiencing. Sometimes I feel lost in the midst of all their testosterone and I long for another female in the house to be a soft place for me to have a quiet conversation!

That being said, this is why I set my alarm for so early because it is literally my survival strategy to make sure I get through the day with a small ounce of my sanity intact. I often find myself wishing the early morning mercy moments could last all day. That moment on my porch just after the sun rises, but the breeze is still cool so I can feel a gentle warmth from the sun rest upon my face while the wind tousles my hair. That is the moment I close my eyes and experience God placing His arm around my shoulders, saying, "Good morning daughter, I so very much enjoy spending these moments with you. Thank you for enjoying this day I have created." I want to stay in that moment all day long-just the two of us. No hectic schedules, no ugly words, no stressful moments. Just Father and daughter, enjoying each others company in those early morning moments.

Reality is-I have to put my armor on and be the soldier He has called me to be. I have to face the day and whatever "crazy" it has in it for me...but I know that with today and all the crazy that will be a part of it, that beautiful sun will still come up tomorrow...

and that quiet moment with my Father will be waiting for me on the other side of this days sunset.

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