Stress Never Helped the Unborn

My favorite photo so far of the girls! Mila's face more than likely being punched by her sister Esme! You can see a portion of Esme's head turned towards Mila (the top of her head looks like its missing with the angle). These girls move nonstop and are currently facing each other so I'm sure they're not fighting but are instead practicing their secret twin handshake!

It has been an amazing pregnancy so far! Being pregnant with twins can already be worrisome but then you find out how many kinds of twins there are (4) right after seeing two babies on a screen and it's so easy to worry more when the doctor says you're high risk due to your type of twins.

This pregnancy has come with a lot more doctors appointments and scans than I ever had with Evelyn. 14 so far to be exact! Constantly getting scans to make sure each twin is getting enough oxygen, blood, amniotic fluid and so on. These scans each taking 2 1/2-3 hours! Each one looking to make sure one twin isn't taking more nutrients than the other to cause an unwanted laser surgery (in Cincinnati) that come with more risks and complications.

The aches and pains that come with a singleton pregnancy are real and shouldn't be downplayed for any mama! Let me tell you from experience, they are just as real with a twin pregnancy! Mine came much earlier with the twins than with Evelyn. With every pain in my back or the third trip to the bathroom at night I have thought about and prayed for them each time. I get excited even when they're in my ribs and I just want to cry. Why? Because it reminds me that they're there and they're healthy. They're growing and they've been doing well the entire time!

The pandemic can add on more stress but I have refused to let myself worry. I did cry twice from unknowns of delivering alone but have been reminded that there are a lot of days from now to my delivery day and that has helped me see the bigger picture. Besides, if I do have to deliver alone, how many gangster points does that get me?! Stress for me means shingles and I frankly don't have time for that and stress never helped the unborn! I know I have zero control over any of it so I'm just going with the flow! God has had His perfect hands on my family and twins throughout this whole thing so far and I have faith that we will come out strong on the other side!

This scan is where my specialist told me that one of Esme's legs is measuring behind by almost three weeks. I already knew he was going to come in and talk to me because I've watched before as an ultrasound tech sat taking the same measurement over and over trying to get a different number. Mid way through my first pregnancy I had a traumatic experience of pushy nurses telling me I had two weeks left to terminate my pregnancy with Evelyn (who would without a doubt have been born with down's syndrome) yet was born without it. Remembering this caused me to stay very calm and worry free with the news of Esme's leg. Also knowing I was physically alone and had to drive home. I could honestly feel God's presence in that room comforting me. Am I worried that Esme will be born with a shorter leg? No. Scans, and doctors can be wrong (not saying I don't trust them and their expertise), my specialist isn't worried that she won't catch up and was happy to see that all her other measurements were right on track, and if she is born with a shorter leg, that won't change a thing for her love in this family!

So right now, we have a healthy 2lb 2oz baby and a healthy 2lb baby and we are so excited to continue watching them grow! This just means I'm now going to the doctor weekly to do an extra test. Thank goodness for doctors even during a pandemic that give you the absolute best care! We are not worried or stressed but I would ask that you be in prayer for us. For Esme and her leg to catch up or for the scan to have just been off and for me as I now am exposing myself weekly to hospitals to keep up with appointments. Sunday marks no more than 8 weeks left!

This was written by my beautiful daughter, Natalie Mitchell. I love you and I am so very proud of you! Below is a beautiful song that gives us hope that though everything may not be right at the moment, but God will take what is wrong and make it right.

O Lord

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