I discovered my love for writing after living through some pretty awful post-partum depression.  I had lost a baby, and after getting pregnant again, and giving birth to my youngest child, I struggled with my emotions.  Having a household of six kids, the youngest an infant, the oldest a young adult and every age group in-between.  I was struggling in my marriage, battling young adults who wanted to live in my house but play by their rules...you know who you are ;)  My youngest was not eating and had to spend time in the hospital, I was homeschooling, heavily involved at church, my kids were involved in sports, I was running a home-school group.  We were, from the outside, a family who had it all together.  Upon closer discovery, I was an absolute mess.  I thought I was surviving by staying busy, but my schedule was keeping me from what was really important, and that was the Word of God.  I knew something had to change, so we took a season off of sports, I quit my home-school group, put my kids in a small private school, put my baby on formula because "breast was not best" for him. (that story can be found in my blog, "Depressed") I stayed involved in church, because that was a priority for me.  I began digging into God's Word and crying out to Him for help and healing from the depression that was threatening tear down my whole entire world.  I began journaling, I began writing down my thoughts and discovering that most of the things that I dwelt on were only imaginations, so Philippians 4:8a became a constant reminder to me and a filter which I directed my thoughts to. "Whatsoever things are TRUE."  Long story short, Through the reading of the Word, time spent in a whole lot of prayer, and daily journaling, I finally was able to find the path of healing.  Though the journey of healing had only begun, I was at least on the path.  I share my blog now, because I have been there, if I am not careful and diligent to renew my mind I can very well be there again.  It is my heart now, to encourage others and share what has been helpful to me to bring about healing.  Life is tough and we are in a battle every. single. day.  Bbut we are not alone.  We have a Great Physician and we have each other.